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Chie Teratani

Tomoyuki “Chie” Teratani was born in Tokyo, Japan. Chie grew up in an environment enriched with traditional Japanese culture. His father was a composer of Japanese traditional music, “Nagauta”. He began learning Nagauta at the age of 6. His mother was also an instructor of Nagauta. Additionally, he earned the prestigious License of Total Transmission for the Japanese tea ceremony and the Japanese art of flower arrengement, “Ikebana”.


In 1972, Chie began studying jewelry making. He apprenticed with Master Yutaka Saito (departed) and Akira Saito(departed), who was named a National Human Treasure of Japan. Chie learned the art of Japanese metal working techniques and the traditional Japanese alloys, Shakudo and Shibuichi. 


In 1982, Chie moved to New York City. He has continually produced his own original works which have been sold at various notable galleries. He has also served as a designer and master model maker for various prominent jewelers. Since 1996, Chie has also been teaching jewelry classes at the Fashion Institute of Technology.


Chie’s childhood experiences in Japan, his study of Japanese Zen, and his time in New York City, have all been significant influences on his work. All of his jewelry has a very strong concept and message that stem from these life experiences and the many people who have impacted him.

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Christy Conrad

Christy Conrad was born in New Haven, Connecticut but lived widely spread around the east coast of the United States. Her father is a fisherman so her childhood was filled with memories spending time on the boat. There were many beautiful shells and creatures to spark her imagination. She started her interest in jewelry as a child, wanting to share the treasures she collected with the world.  

Her first experience with jewelry fabrication was in high school where she started a jewelry program during her time at Kimball Union Academy. Between the jewelry she made at Kimball Union and experimentation with welding and larger metal sculpture initiated her acceptance to study jewelry design at the Fashion Institute of Technology.  

While at FIT, she had the opportunity to study millinery, something she now strives to combine with her Jewlery. In 2017 Christy made hats for designer XO Assante who’s collection was featured in the June edition of Vogue Italia.

FIT is also where she met master craftsman with a specialty in Japanese techniques, Chie Teratani, who she continues to study and teach with today. She continues to progress her own work as well as teaching at Studio Dahl. 

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