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Open Studio


Monday                  9am - 6pm

    Tuesday                       9am - 1pm        

 Wednesday                    9am - 12pm     

Thursday                      6pm - 9pm   

Friday                     10am - 9pm

     Saturday                Open upon request   

             Sunday                 Open upon request          


Studio hours can be adjusted upon request

*Members only*

During open studio hours, Studio Dahl is a shared Jewelry studio for professional artists. Membership is required to rent studio time and is contingent on prior jewlery knowledge. 


Membership is $150 per year. This fee goes towards the purchase of materials for general studio use, as well as for the maintenance and repair of tools and equipment. 

All benches available to members of Studio Dahl are equipped with flex shaft and torch access. By becoming a member you will be able to rent studio and locker space.

Members have access to all Studio Dahl studio tools and equipment as long as they have been trained to use them. A list of tools and equipment is shown below. 

- 10 Benches for daily rental (equip with acetylene torches and flex shafts)

- 1 Bench for monthly rental (equip with acetylene torch and flex shaft)

- 1 point exhaust machine on wheels

- Draw bench

- Draw plates

- Forming tools 

- Rotary tumbler

- Vibratory tumbler

- ​Combination rollingmill 

- Vulcanizer

- Injection wax machine

- Polishing machine 

- Ultrasonic cleaner

- Wax pens

- Assorted soldering blocks

- Various tweezers

- Ring stretcher and compressor 

- Ingot molds and crucibles

- Small and Medium sized drill presses

- Hammering surfaces

- Assorted wax tools

- Assorted files

New members are required to attend studio orientation and review a safety contract before working in the studio.

Classes are required for those who wish to work in the studio but have no Prior experiance.

Members are responsible for replacing or repairing materials and equipment that they damage.


Locker rentals 

- Must be a member or actively taking a class

- 12" wide by 12" deep and 24 " tall 

- Locker rentals all come with a lock

- Lock supplied

Locker monthly   -     $20/month 

Locker yearly   -    $180/year 

Daily and hourly bench rentals

- Must be a member and have approved prior studio knowledge.

- Available during open studio hours.

- Equipped with a flex haft and acetylene torch.

- Access to all studio tools listed in member information above.

 Hourly bench rental    -     $15/hour 

 Daily bench rental (8 hours)    -     $80/day

Monthly bench rental  

- Must be a member and have approved prior studio knowledge.

Available during open studio hours 

- Bench is equipped with flex shaft and acetylene torch

- Comes with a locker for storage during rental period 

- Shelf space near the private bench 

- Access to all studio tools listed in member information above

-10% discount on all classes purchased during the month of rental 

 Private bench rental    -     $400/month

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